About me :

Amir Khademian is a PhD student of mining engineering at Department of Mining Engineering in Isfahan University of Technology. He has studied mining engineering for his MS.c and BS.c course at Shahrood University. He has conducted some researches in some mining related fields such as prediction of settlement due to underground space excavation, design and planning of surface mines and risk management. He is currently studying on optimization of blasting operation in surface mines.

  • Nationality: Iran
  • Date of Birth: March, 1986
  • Place of Birth: Damghan, Iran 

Educations :

  • BS.c : Mining Engineering (Exploitation) at Shahrood University of Technology
  • MS.c: Mining Engineering (Exploitation) at Shahrood University of Technology
  • PhD student of Mining Engineering (Exploitation) at Isfahan University of Technology

Research Interests :

  • Surface mine planning and design
  • Blasting in surface mining
  • Numerical modeling in geomechanics
  • Mining economy